Clear affordable pricing

As a specialist Nanny Agency we match temporary holiday nannies with families travelling on their summer holiday or a ski holiday usually outside the UK.. We understand that all families are different, as are all holidays, which is why we offer a choice of flexible packages and nannies, from different backgrounds. Each package is tailor-made depending on your requests.

A guide to our most popular packages.

Here is a guideline of the most popular packages we have to offer. All these prices are based on a week, but all these packages can be extended to a longer period. Prices are based on an 8 day week, to cover the whole time the Nanny is away on holiday with you, Sunday – Sunday for example.

Nannies are usually entitled to 1 days off per week. If the nanny chooses to work on her day off, an additional £8 per hour must be paid to the nanny, this is also the case if you go over the agreed weekly hours you have booked your nanny to work for. 24/7 packages are available upon request and Nanny availability.

All prices are inclusive of Agency Fees. There will be an additional small charge for Nanny Travel insurance on the final invoice.