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Our silver, gold and platinum packages make our travel nannies affordable for more families.

Clear, affordable pricing

We know that all families – and all holidays – are different. That’s why we offer a range of holiday nanny packages, so you can choose the best one to suit your family. We can also create entirely bespoke packages, just for you.

Our holiday nanny packages

We offer three popular packages. All prices are based on an 8-day week to include your travel days, but can be extended. Prices include one day off per week. If your nanny agrees to work on their day off or they work more than their agreed hours each day, you should agree an additional hourly rate with your nanny. Bespoke packages including 24/7 childcare, short term, proxy parenting and more are available on request. All prices include our agency fees and for more details on nanny expenses, please visit our FAQ’s on the parent page.

Please note that the prices are based on an 8 day week (Saturday – Saturday) and dependant on the experience and/or qualification of the nanny. Maternity nanny and in-flight nanny packages are also available upon request.


Experienced or qualified Nanny
8 hours a day
Optional evening babysitting

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Experienced or qualified nanny
12 hours a day
Flexible choice of daytime hours
Optional evening babysitting

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Highly experienced or qualified nanny
On call 24/7
No day off

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