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Our experienced Vacation Nannies will inspire, have fun and provide professional childcare whilst on your family holiday.

Everything you need to know about hiring a nanny for your family vacation

What does a Holiday Nanny do?

A holiday nanny accompanies a family on their family holiday to help take care of their children. You and the Nanny will have made an agreement on hours before the start of the holiday, but plans may change so your nanny will know to be flexible, within reason. Depending on the type of holiday you are on, the Nanny will be responsible for the children around the pool, on days out, meal times etc.

It is recommended that you make the nanny aware of your plans and expectation before the start of the holiday and if there is any dress code the nanny needs to follow, this needs to be made clear too.

The most important role of the nanny is to help make your holiday stress free, so please make sure the nanny is aware of all your requests so they can help make your time away enjoyable and fun for everyone.

How do you choose your nannies?

My Nannies have been chosen based strongly on their personalities, qualifications, skills, and experiences.

Each Nanny is formally interviewed and all original documents are checked, this includes a verbal reference check, CRB/DBS, Passport, First Aid certificate and any other certificates relevant to childcare.

As a ‘Finders Agency’, I communicate regularly with the nannies and check their availability, this is very important to us because it helps me get to know the nannies well enough to match with clients.
Follow-up phone calls are also made with clients to gain regular feedback on our nannies. Being a Holiday nanny is very different to being a permanent nanny, which is why I spend my time and experience carefully selecting nannies and matching them with families.

How do I book a Nanny?

After your initial enquiry, I will check our database and find a nanny who will match your families needs and send you a couple of CV’s for you to look at and decide whether or not you would like to chat further with the nanny.

Usually, clients see around three CV’s and choose to interview two of them. Some families like to meet the nanny for a face to face interview and others are happy to facetime or skype. If you’re unsure of the nannies selected, this is no problem, I can help with any concerns and send other options over to you.

After confirming you are happy with your chosen nanny, a contract will be emailed to both you and the nanny, confirming all the details, includes details of the Nanny’s travel insurance.

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Hiring a
Holiday Nanny

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope that the Nannies profile, CV, and references will give you a good understanding of the nanny to be able to judge whether or not your family will bond. I also recommend that the family meets the nanny before booking, or have a couple of skype chats with all the family to make sure there is a bond and everyone is familiar with each other.

Yes, as long as it isn’t listed as a no-go area by the Foreign Office!

This depends on the ages of the children and how hands-on the parents are. If solo charge is required, for example, a baby to nanny ratio is one to one. No more than 3 children under the age of 12 and no more than 2 children per nanny under the ages of 2 years. This can be discussed in more detail at the time of the booking, my decision is based on personal experience and is always in the best interest of the safety of the child and the nanny.

It is up to you whether or not you choose to have the nanny share a room with your child or not. However, the nanny should be made aware of what to expect before the trip. It might end up more expensive for the nanny to have her own room, but this gives the nanny, and the family, some privacy and rest whilst she is not on working. Talking from experience, it is very much appreciated to have your own space as a holiday nanny!

Most of our bookings are a week to two weeks, but Vacation Nannies are happy to take booking for longer periods, depending on nanny availability.

Yes, I will either email or call you, whichever you prefer, to find out if everything is ok and the nanny is getting on with the family.

Yes, we welcome clients who live abroad. Families who are coming to the UK, or Europe on holiday can organise lots of skype chats to make sure the nanny and the family get on, this will also be a good opportunity for the children to get familiar with the nanny.

Usually, the nanny with fly separately to join the family at their holiday destination, or they can meet the family at a UK airport if a connection flight is being made. All these arrangements can be made at the time of the booking.

This is a commonly asked question, but I’m afraid the answer is yes! As a well travelled holiday nanny, I think travel days are when the extra pair of hands are most appreciated! The nanny can assist with packing, taking care of them whilst luggage is being dealt with, numerous toilet runs and nappy changes can be made whilst you enjoy your pre-flight drink, in-flight entertainment can be provided by the nanny, and if there is a baby, they can also help with feeding and holding to give you a chance to relax on the plane.

The cost depends on how many hours care you would like, the experience of the nanny and how many children the Nanny will be looking after. Some families only need 6 hours of care a day, whilst others may request 24-hour care from a qualified Norland Nanny. The price will be negotiated at the time of the booking, after discussing on the phone with the family.

It is important that you know that you are responsible for all the following nanny expenses:
Travel (Train, air, taxi) to and from the destination.
Hotel or Villa rental expenses
Meals. Some families invite the nanny to eat with them, others don’t. This is a personal choice of the family. However, it’s always nice to make sure the Nanny has a little treat in the fridge now and again!
Activities and admissions with children or family
Any transportation at the destination
Any snacks or drinks that are bought for the child, by the nanny

It is recommended to give the Nanny a kitty, for anything she may have to spend on the child.

No problem! Taking a nanny on holiday, whether its the first time for you and your family or not, you’re bound to have questions. You can drop us a line using our contact form or get in touch with us directly on 0044 (0) 7477 286 971. If email is your thing then we’d love to hear from you. just drop us a line at:
[email protected]