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Top 5 Travel tips for all Vacation Nannies

If you are about to embark on your first ‘holiday nanny’ job role, I have compiled 5 top tips to help you survive and to help you provide the best service to your holiday family.

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Getting kids to sleep more easily

Nannys top-tips for getting your child to stay in bed!

Whether you're a Nanny or parent; Bedtime, or witching hour as I like to call it, can be a nightmare. Children try every trick in the book to divert bedtime, and as a Nanny, I’ve heard them all! 

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Thinking about hiring a holiday nanny?

Have you ever thought about hiring a holiday nanny? Families book a holiday nanny to join them on their family holiday, to help keep the children entertained whilst they enjoy some time away.

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Why hire a nanny when you go skiing? Heres why!

Morzine, why is it so good for families?

Morzine is becoming the number one favourite resort for families in the Alps. Beautiful in the summer and winter months; there's something for every family member and its even better with a nanny!

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Tips from our nannies for skiing with kids

How to survive a ski holiday with the kids!

Travelling with children on a ski holiday certainly requires planning, organisation and occasionally -bribery! Here are our Nanny-top-tips for your next ski trip.

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Protecting babbies effectively with sunnscreen

Keeping babies safe in the sun

Keeping babies safe and comfortable in the summer heat can sometimes be quite challenging. Whether you are inside or out, you need to choose clothes which are lightweight, loose and made from a natural fibre such as cotton.

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take a nanny away on holiday

Why should I hire a holiday nanny for our next family vacation?

Before I started working as a holiday nanny I thought it was quite a strange concept, taking somebody away with you, to help you look after your own children, on possibly the only big family holiday of the year?

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Take a nanny skiing

Taking the kids on a ski holiday would be a nightmare!

I’m not going to lie, family ski holidays can be stressful, expensive and you will no doubt wonder what on earth you are doing as you are trying to carry all the children’s gear, and them, through deep snow trying to find the ski school...

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